Nadir ALIEV - Artist Painter 

"The only time I feel a live is when I'm painting"

Vincent van Gogh


We would like present you Nadir Aliev who is an authentic Swiss artist-painter, and professional concert pianist of nationality Swiss.

Life of Nadir Aliev is an incredible story about a creative personality endowed with a brilliant talent, a person with an extraordinary destiny.

Nadir's Family Roots

Nadir Aliev was born in a family of intellectuals.

Nadir's mother Nina Alieva-Khudiakova was a daughter of Count Constantin Khudiakov, a military surgeon.

Thanks to his medical profession, Count Khudiakov was not kill by  bolsheviks, but was sent to Azerbaijan to treat the local population there. During an outbreak of plague, his grandfather contracted disease and, in order prevent spreading it, sacrificed his life by burning himself. In the same year, his grandmother Helena Khudiakova deceased at the age of 33, as a result of medical error during transfusion of blood.

Nadir Aliev was born in a family where culture was very primordial important for generations: art, music, poetry and painting. His father, Seifulla Aliev was a director of an oil refinery in Azerbaijan, in the land where Alfred Nobel became rich. His father was also a prominent engineer with many international patents and inventions under his belt. At the same time, he was a great humanist and advocate of peace. 

Nadir Aliev's sister Adilia Alieva is world known international concert pianist. Marcel LANDOWSKI, Chancelier de l'Institut de France et Académie des Beaux Arts, composer said: « Adilia ALIEVA is one of the best pianist of our century »


Since early childhood, Nadir showed a marked gift for aesthetics. He received a high musical education and studied painting, photography, printing, mosaic, design, costume for theatre, etc.. His multifaceted work was noticed and appreciated. His paintings and photographs were published in a great number of magazines and newspapers, both national and international. At the same time, TV broadcastings and films were made about his works.

Nadir Aliev always was fond of avant-garde art. Although in Soviet Union, it was forbidden, he found and studied books on Chagall, Malevich, Picasso, Braque and Dali which helped him in founding his own individual multicolored style, easily recognizable which was appreciated by many art experts, journalists and art dealers.

Exhibitions of his paintings were held with great success in Switzerland and France. Many TV emissions and articles in newspapers Several documentary films were made about him and his art.

At this moment, he painted more than 200 paintings. For this year he has invitation for Exhibitions from USA, France, Suisse, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Malta, Canada, Greece, Brazil, Australia, China etc..


Exhibition of his paintings at Auberge d'Italie in Valletta/Malta was organized by Administration Malta Tourism Authority, Heritage of Malta / National Museum of Fine Art and SB Artists Management - France on 19.04.2013 - 05.05.2013 and had great success. 2 national TV channels - One TV Malta and TVM2 had made emissions about this event.    

His painting are held in national collections of Malta National Museum of Fine Art


Philosophy of Nadir Aliev

Nadir's philosophy is about giving confidence and belief in life, and being positive despite any difficulties.  Art should raise from a reality, softening and ennobling senses and morals. Every artist is a "hostage" of his art, the source of his inspiration and bringing the joy of creation.

That's why his collection is entitled 'Fleurs porte-bonneur' (Flowers that bring luck). In his paintings, lines and forms are always very clear, as in a perfect musical composition. We may also attribute this to his love of music, his second passion and profession. Music is reflected in names of paintings: rhapsodies, symphonies ... In his paintings, we discover signs typical for the language of music, potentiating the ambiguity through rhythm, pulsation, subtle nuances and music of colors. These two elements of nature enrich each other and evoke a feeling of booming euphoria.

Each of his tableaus has its own tempo and dynamics, radiates deep emotions, taking them to the breaking point of elation. Further, his surrealistic style contains elements of both pointillism and impressionism.

In Nadir Aliev's works, one can always find a positive stream, which, according to the artist's concept, should pass joy and love of life to people. Flowers featured in his collection represent a reflection of good temper, strong character and positive energy, emphasized in major human values.

Perhaps, it's his physical handicap that allowed him developing exceptional ability and express all the depth of human emotions as well as the diversity of its forms. 

His painting entitled "Stages of Life" describes three phases: 1. Joy of Birth 2. Adult life with its optimistic dreams 3. The End in the dark, with a rose color, which implies eternal hope of all people.

In this regard, the artist speaks with full knowledge of the matter. Two times during a year he fell into a coma from which he luckily emerged afterwards. 

This unique experience contributed a lot to enriching his individual style and having a deeper understanding of his art which is a unique source and light of his life.

Through his individual art, Nadir Aliev is expressing his vision of the world as if a benevolent fairy would inspire him with her magic wand. His pictures convey to all peoples the joy of rebirth and revival.

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